Industrial designer Cees Mager was amazed by the backlog the nautical industry has on its biggest opponent the car industry. Together with naval architect Arend Lambrechtsen he developed a new aproach in boatdesign by breaking with conventional standards in finishing and using non-marine components.


With a focus on low maintenance and low costs, this all-aluminium daycruiser combines endurable materials with user friendliness, speed with safety and comfort with good looks. The CeeMag easily meets all high standards of these times. The unconventional design of the CeeMag is the result of a never ending wish to combine the enjoyments of speed, luxury and comfort, just as we are used to in our daily successful environment.

Individuality in experience, supported by the latest technology of today.


Arend Lambrechtsen Naval Architects design boats and yachts,
both sailing and non-sailing. Offering complete designs or detailed engineering for
special projects, they can work according to Lloyds’, Germanischer Lloyd, SI, American
Bureau of Shipping, Bureau Veritas or the ISO-standards required by European law for
the CE-certification of pleasure craft on the European market.